The reality of children gone.

I read once in a roommates most deepest writings that hurricane sandy killed the non believers and saved those that believed.
But what about the children? Innocent, unknowingly mistake-making children whom deserve only the best. How about the children in the Middle East, dyeing horrible deaths from drones sent with a button from the other side of this Mother Earth? She cries, I swear by it. What about the children overworking their developing bodies, working days in and days out to make needless material objects for Walmart bought by this very same roommate, objects used maybe once and left to waste? What about those affected by globalization, a loss of culture, and a never ending identity crisis for the mistakes of Europeans made hundreds of years ago? What about the children forced into slavery of all kinds? And those forced to have children after being raped. Or those that live next door to you, starving while you eat three meals a day, with a small snack of 200 calories or less in between each meal. Or those that wish they could read? How about the children fighting cancer or aids, or those living with sick parents that expect care from them? Children lost and confused with no where to go.
I read her comment about hurricane sandy in her personal journal that she left out on the dining room table. Pages open and full of a false knowledge, the overall ignorance constantly protruding out of this close-minded, Midwestern world. Pages heavy with the scent of frustrated innocent children, asking this supposed god, why?
This morning, 52 dead in Oklahoma, some of them children. A state drenched with self-righteous Christianity. So I ask you, now what?



I find it quiet hilarious
that one of the things you didn’t like about me
you ended up doing
not as easy as it looks, is it?
Okay, maybe not hilarious,
but ironic that the heatheness in me
only spread to you
all while you were trying to save me
from my love of affection and hate of its opposing factors
I enjoy the seconds and years of my life I have spent
exploring beautiful beings Mother Nature created
Save me
Save me mother from the nature of the beast
Save me from yourself and the fake attitude you call believing
while believing is not knowing fact
is not always victorious when written by men many years ago
So listen here
Listen and hear the voice of a victorious woman
Living a life of love and affection
Saving the life of the little girl she used to be
A woman proud to have failed and lost
Failed at her highest and lowest
Only to rise and greet mother nature once more
Save me
Save me mother, save me
But don’t save me for the wrong reasons.

3 girls at the coffee shop reading scripture

So I’m at a coffee shop… the same one I always go to. Next to our table there are 3 girls, reading scripture and filling out worksheets. I have seen them here before. The main one talking is their teacher, or what I’ve heard people say “spiritual leader,” and the other two girls take her interpretation and make it their own. It’s weird being on the outside of this, watching, listening.

You know, I can’t help but notice the way she talks, and laughs, and her general demeanor.

It’s fake.

And I’ve seen it time and time again. I don’t like to sound prejudge, and I always try to walk around this place with an open mind, knowing that I come from a different culture.

Her eyes are almost glaring at the girls while they speak. She intentionally looks at them in the eyes, even though she seems uncomfortable doing so, but that proves to them she’s a good listener, right? And she laughs a lot, even when it doesn’t make sense to, or something is not funny.

She reminds me of my roommate, the one that doesn’t agree with my “lifestyle” and laughs randomly at things I say to feel more connected with me. It’s fake.

Fake, fake, fake.