Obama would give me a raise

I asked for a raise today and it was so incredibly awkward! I didn’t dance around the subject, I thought that would be more awkward. So I just said straight out, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something. I want to ask you for a raise.” And as I waited there for his response, he just gave me his cara de huarache. I realized he was somewhat stunned by my forwardness, so I decided to elaborate on why. How I felt taken advantage of since I wasn’t informed beforehand about the companies expansion before I took the job. That although they took advantage of me, that I knew they were good people and didn’t mean to at all, but that I was taken advantage of nonetheless. That the team has done a great job even when we are behind at times because of lack of help. And then he cut in saying I was so against hiring someone else. I had to explain to him (again) that I knew I was hiring for the office and not our team. Hiring for the office is not my job. “well you should have been more open in your communication about that.” Well now, boss sir, open your eyes please, and thank you. “And those are strong words you used, we never meant to make you feel that way. We see you as family and we never want to make family feel that way.” Well boss sir, thanks…boss family sir…but no. If you saw me as family I wouldn’t have to ask for a raise, and you would actually care about my day.

So after all that, he said he’d get back to me by the end of the week.

I’m sitting here getting some work done and watching the State of the Union. President Obama tells a story about someone in the audience who owns a pizza shop and gave everyone that he employs…dun dun dunnnnn… a raise. Sally turned to me and started laughing. “Holy shit, I hope my boss is watching right now!” Then Obama said we should all get raises! Listen boss sir, Obama said so…

Seriously though. I hope my boss is watching and it scares the shit out of him.


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