Pokemon lovers

So my roommates (my redheaded best friend Sally and her brother) make fun of my list of love interests by naming them after Pokemon. It’s gotten so bad that even a mention of someone I find attractive or interesting gets dubbed a name.The issue with this? I don’t even know Pokemon by name. So they get to keep tabs on this list and I struggle to follow. 

Pikachu: That one guy I always go back to no matter what. Problem? He’s 2,000 miles away. He also isn’t the best at expressing how he feels about me. We’ve known each other since we were 16, and ever since he’s maybe expressed to me he likes me a couple of times. Then a couple years ago called me crying, asking when we were ever going to be in the same place. I obviously couldn’t give him a direct answer. And he brought me to uncontrollable tears. I had never heard him talk that way, and I never thought I would. Ever. 

Just now, I got a text from him. Brother says, “Oh who’s that?” in his teasing voice. Redhead, “Pikachu?”

Yes, I say, knowing that there would be an onslaught of teasing to follow.

“Ohhhhhhh Pikachu?” Brother says, “So he’s still around?”

“Yeah, and I don’t know if that will ever go away.”

And of course, Sister, “SHE HASN’T RELEASED HIM!!”

“Oh my gosh.”

“OHHHHHHHH I see! So you haven’t used your thunderstone on him huh? Still isn’t Raichu?”

I swear, my roommates are nuts.

The stupid part about all this, I now refer to him as Pikachu because my roommates know right away who I’m talking about. Fuck my life.

Also, sidenote: One time he sent me a gif in a text. This one, Pikachu crying. I had NEVER mention Pokemon to him, let alone his nickname. FMLx2 pikachu crying


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