I couldn’t move

And it was so weird not being able to control it. I kept telling my arm to move my wrist to move my hand. Nothing happened. I stayed frozen with Barbie-like hands, trembling. What triggered the panic attack, who knows. All I know is that my thoughts and worries have been building up for quiet some time. I’m just glad my boss was there to calm me down. “My wife gets them all the time, and I’ve also seen people go into shock.” Shock was what I wanted to avoid. I hate hospitals, so when he asked me if I would feel better going, I said, “I don’t know right now.” Instead, he lifted me from the chair to the couch and I stayed there for a good 2 hours before I could sit up. I don’t know how people deal with these attacks on the daily. My friend who was talking me through things said she gets anxiety. So insane, and so tiring! But we had a good laugh about it after. “We need to figure out how to avoid that next time, so I don’t have to carry your ass again.” A reminder why I love my job.