I’m done, and my friends were there

I love the moments when it feels like time stands still. I was sitting on the famous red couches, in between two of my good friends. We were surrounded by more friends, all passing around a smoothie. We would talk loudly, over each other fighting for the spotlight, then stop and take it all in. It’s like we all simultaneously knew to shut up and breathe in the moment. And we did. And in one of those moments, I realized how much I matter to all of these people around me. They came out to see my stuff in the gallery show, then sat with me in a building I once called home, until we finally figured out what to do with our night. And in that moment, I felt like I was walking on the rim of a raindrop suspended in time. I love every single one of them. So much.

And it’s in the simplest of things. They don’t need to spend money on me, or go everywhere with me. I don’t even have to see them everyday, not even once a week. I don’t need to know where they are or the details about what’s new in their lives, and they know that the details of mine don’t change what they love about me. They went to my show, and then just sat with me, and would occasionally remind me how done I am. They’re just as excited as I am to have more time with me. And that simple knowledge gets me every time. They don’t overdo it because they don’t try, and they shouldn’t. We just all click. As we should.

If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be staying in this small town I now call home.



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