3 girls at the coffee shop reading scripture

So I’m at a coffee shop… the same one I always go to. Next to our table there are 3 girls, reading scripture and filling out worksheets. I have seen them here before. The main one talking is their teacher, or what I’ve heard people say “spiritual leader,” and the other two girls take her interpretation and make it their own. It’s weird being on the outside of this, watching, listening.

You know, I can’t help but notice the way she talks, and laughs, and her general demeanor.

It’s fake.

And I’ve seen it time and time again. I don’t like to sound prejudge, and I always try to walk around this place with an open mind, knowing that I come from a different culture.

Her eyes are almost glaring at the girls while they speak. She intentionally looks at them in the eyes, even though she seems uncomfortable doing so, but that proves to them she’s a good listener, right? And she laughs a lot, even when it doesn’t make sense to, or something is not funny.

She reminds me of my roommate, the one that doesn’t agree with my “lifestyle” and laughs randomly at things I say to feel more connected with me. It’s fake.

Fake, fake, fake.


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